We offer quality tools for pulling heavy electrical wire as well as labor saving devices for the Telecom and Datacom Industries. Please view our helpful Cable Management products.

   RectorSeal wire Snaggers are the most reliable tools for pulling heavy wire.



With spring-activated teeth for a stronger grip, a shorter designed tool body for easier conduit navigation & longer lanyards for better tool spacing, the RectorSeal Wire Snaggers are the best wire pulling tool on the market today. They replace the traditional pulling grips, pulling socks, knuckles and other less efficient methods of securing cables by using space age material and 21st Century technology 

Wire Snagger's are much faster, safer and more durable than other wire pulling devices. RectorSeal has combined ingenuity into a tool that saves time and money for contractors on every wire pulling job. 



Machined from high-temperature stainless steel the 20 different sized Snaggers are individually staggered for conduit efficiency. You will start saving money from day one with these secure wire and cable pulling tools. There is no other system as efficient or as reliable. Many contractors say that RectorSeal Cable Snaggers are worth their weight in gold.

                               Complete 20 piece Master Set 

                                                            This is a limited time promotional offer.




   20 Piece Master Set for use on THHN & XHHN copper wire only


   4 ea 3/0 Wire  Snaggers with 13", 20", 27", 34" staggard wire lanyards
   4 ea 4/0 Wire  Snaggers with 13", 20", 27", 34" staggard wire lanyards*
   4 ea 350 mcm Snaggers with 13", 22", 31", 40" staggard wire lanyards
   4 ea 500 mcm Snaggers with 13", 22", 31", 40" staggard wire lanyards
   4 ea 600 mcm Snaggers with 13", 22", 31", 40" staggard wire lanyards

   Now includes a 3000 lb pulling Clevis clip.

   * Note that the 4/0 snagger can also be used on 250 mcm copper cable.


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  Take a look at our labor saving devices for pulling cables. 

        Pulling Poles         Fish Tapes           Push Pull Rods


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425 ft Conduit & Duct Rodder for both Electrical and Low Voltage applications

Here is a useful tool for running wire and cables through pipes, ducts and conduit, this affordable fiber glass rodder is 425 ft in length with a 6 mm  (1/4 inch OD) and is a vital part of any electrical contractors tool kit. Reaching for a length beyond 250 ft with a hand held fish tape is difficult so the better solution is  to use a floor standing conduit rodder. Here is our economy model which has a non detachable bullet tip so its perfect for attaching pull string.


                                               The 425 ft cable rodder



            Here is our newest tool the Ferret WiFi Camera Kit



Wire Pulling: This is one of the best tool investments you will ever make.The kit includes the Ferret WiFi camera a hook and magnet attachment which is ideal for both wire pulling and inspection, in walls, ducts, ceiling and pipes With the aid of your smart phone you will be able to navigate easily right to the wire you want to reach. 

Inspection: As an installer you've no doubt needed to view an area which is difficult to reach. The Cable Ferret is small enough to put in your tool pouch, and lets you quickly and conveniently see  the important area. Imagine checking connections behind a piece of equipment like a data rack or looking easily above a ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

Push Pull Rod Mountable: Because the Cable Ferret is WiFi, you are not tethered to a conventional inspection camera. The Cable Ferret comes equipped with adapters so you can connect it to a single CMD yellow Push-Pull Rod.    It is even light enough to be attached to our 16 ft or 26 ft telescoping pulling poles to give extended reach and distance.

  • Must Have for Electricians, Plumbers, Inspectors, HVAC, and anyone needing vision in hard to reach places.
  • Cable Ferret streams to smart phones via WiFi - no extra monitor to carry.
  • Wireless Range of up to 40 ft.
  • Crisp clear image with 720p high resolution real time video.
  • Intuitive free App allows for more control over the camera giving better visibility and picture quality.
  • Adjustable LED brightness (3 levels) providing improved clarity and illumination.
  • Internal battery quickly charged via USB port.
  • Monitor the Cable Ferret's battery level within the smartphone App.
  • Save pictures and video directly to phone for texting or e-mailing
  • Attaches to our pulling poles and push pull rods for greater reach than conventional inspection cameras.

    Specifications:                                                           Kit Includes:

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz                                                         1 x Cable Ferret
  • Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720)                                        1 x 1/4-20 to 8-32 Thread Adapter 
  • Water Resistant Rating: IP67 (cap installed)                   1 x 1/4-20 to 10-32 Thread Adapter         
  • Viewing Angle: 90°                                                         1 x 1/4-20 to 1/4-28 Thread Adapter
  • Operating Time: up to 100 Minutes                                1 x Flexible Goose neck rod
  • Charging Time: 70 Minutes                                            1 x  Short Rod
  • Charge Voltage: 5VDC                                                   1 x Hook Tip
  • Weight: 1.06 oz                                                               1 x Magnetic Tip
  • Size: 3.25in x 1.25in                                                       1 x Charging Cable
  • Battery Size: 500mAh                                                    1 x Operation Manual
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer                                      1 x EVA Carrying Case 

                                The Ferret WiFi Camera Kit


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