3.5K Tugger 

     Porta Pull 3500 lb Journeyman cable puller:

    Bigger, Stronger, Better!

   The Journeyman series 3500 lb Cable Tugger provides
   more of what you need in a complete wire pulling system.
   Set up is less than a minute and requires just one person to operate.

   Package includes:

  A commercial grade Pipe Threading Kit with 1/2 to 2 inch dies that
  doubles as a 2-Speed removable Power Unit.
  Comes with a sturdy hard sided carry case

  This amazing cable tugger is setting the wire pulling world ablaze with
  its performance, competitive price and FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY


   *  3500 lbs Pulling Force from any Direction
   *  Power drive for pulling or threading pipe
   *  30% more pulling force than competitors
   *  1.8 HP Two Speed Motor and Gearbox
   *  Designed for 1 Person Operation
   *  Pulling Speed Low No load-18 fpm
   *  Pulling Speed High No load-33 fpm
   *  Pulling Speed at Load 3500 lbs-9 fpm
   *  Universal Head fits 1 inch thru 4 inch Conduit
   *  Professional
all spur gear drive Pipe Threader kit
   *  1/2 to 2 inch threading dies in a sturdy carry case
   *  Right angle sheave for operator safety
   *  Remote foot switch with Force Gauge

     Journeyman 3500 lb Tugger $2399.00


     Journeyman Series 3500 lb Tugger


     * Head assembly to fit 1 inch thru 4 inch conduit
     * Professional all spur gear drive Pipe Threader
     * 1/2 thru 2 inch threading dies case included
     * Remote foot switch for operator safety
     * Extendable to 8.0 feet, pulls from any direction
     * Everything to make your next pull a lot easier!
     * FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY on parts and labor

       Wire Capacity:

      3 x 500 kcmil cables 500 with 3-90 degree bends
      4 x 300 kcmil cables 500 with 4-90 degree bends
      8 x 4/0 cables 400 ft with 3-90 degree bends