Complete Wire Pulling Solutions

       We are please to present a selection of cable pulling equipment to assist you with your next cable pulling jobs

         3000 lb Tuggers from Maxis and Current Tools

 Pulling heavy wire requires the right equipment, here is a selection of labor saving 3K tuggers     from Maxis and Current Tools to help make the cable pull easier and safer for the operator. 


Maxis 3K Tugger on Pull Cart          





3K Battery driven Tugger

Maxis 3K and 6K Tripods



  • One person, 2 minute set up and operate
  • 2 Pulling speeds: 25 fpm on low (at no load) and 100 fpm on high (at no load)
  • Quickly adapts from underground to overhead pulls
  • No need to bolt to the ground on most pulls
  • Able to pull up to 8 ft. of wire out of the conduit
  • 3,000 lbs. peak capacity
  • Versatile, can adapt to virtually any wire pull
  • Can be anchored to trucks standard 2" receiver hitch



  • Milwaukee Super Hawg: 1/2" Super Hawg
  • , two speed drill, 450/1,750 RPM, 120 volt 13 Amp,
  • 14.7 lbs. Model 1680-20
  • Puller Cart with tool bag (total weight 35 lbs.)
  • Conduit adapters 1" through 4"

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Southwire Maxis offers the M3K-BAT, your complete solution for a truly cordless cable pulling experience. Eliminate the need to be near an outlet or having to run long extension cords on the jobsite which can create hazards. No additional parts are required as you will use the pre-existing hardware  to assemble the M3K-BAT.


  • Completely cordless cable puller.
  • No electrical outlet?  No issue!
  • Ideal for remote cable pulls
  • No additional hardware required.
  • One person, two minute setup to operate.
  • 12.0 AH capacity for extended run life.\


  • Maxis 3K Cable Puller
  • Milwaukee Super Haw Right Angle Drill
  • Milwaukee M18  Redlithium HD12.0 Battery Pack 
  • Bracket for Cordless Drill


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The Maxis 3K  and 6K Tripods are designed to aid in underground wire-pulling. With adjustable leg lengths from 3 - 6 ft. they are ideal for wire pulls from transformer pads, vaults & meter bases

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Current Tools 3K cable tuggers

Manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment for the professional electrician and in business since 1998.

Please view their reliable cable pulling options

  • A high speed, lightweight 3,000 pound cable puller.
  • One person, 2 minute set up and easy to operate
  • Quickly adapts from underground to overhead pulls
  • No need to bolt to the ground on most pulls
  • Able to pull up to 8 ft. of wire out of the conduit
  • Weight with cart dolly 125 lbs
  • Versatile, can adapt to virtually to any wire pull

  • Current Tools 3000 lb tugger
  • 3000 lbs. High Speed Cable Puller 33
  • Integral heavy duty 2 speed motor
  • Mounts to mobile cart for storage and ease of mobility
  • No disassembly to store cable puller on mobile cart
  • Quick release conduit couplings
  • Tapered Capstan
  • Integral foot switch
  • Permanently lubricated vent-free gear box
  • cable puller weighs approximately 125 lbs with cart
  • Complete system - no extra parts to purchase
  • Ships via truck line lift gate requested

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