4K Tugger

   Porta Pull 4000 lb cable puller:

 This cable puller offers amazing performance at an affordable price.      Adaptability and Portability makes it a serious wire pulling machine.

  Compact in design it can be carried to the job site for a rapid setup.      A 1 HP motor provides up to 4000 lbs of pulling force, enough to get    the most difficult cable pull done quickly and efficiently. When the        job is completed the puller folds away for convenient storage.




    Weight: 60 lbs.
    Power: 1 HP 120 VAC/8Amp
    Pulling force: 4000 lbs Continuous Pulling
    speed at no load: 19 FPM 
    Pulling speed at 2000 lbs: 12 FPM
    Pulling speed at 4000 lbs:   6 FPM

     Portapull 4000 FXP $2399.00


   Porta~Pull 4000 FXP Features:

 * 30% more pulling force than competitors.
  * Heavy duty powder coated frame
  * Stainless Steel Hardware.
  * 1 HP Single Speed Motor and Gearbox.
  * Attaches to any size conduit (No Adapters)
  * Remote foot safety switch included.
  * Extends over 7.5 ft in length.
  * Planetary gear design.
  * Full 2-year warranty
  * Made in the USA

   Pulling Capacity:

3 x 500 kcmil cable  500' with 2 x 90 degree bends
  4 x 500 kcmil cable  250' with 4 x 90 degree bends
  8 x 4/0 AWG  cable  300' with 3 x 90 degree bends


A tripod assembly head for the 4000 lb puller would allow you to make underground pulls,
from man holes and Transformer pads. Make your own tripod legs from 1 inch conduit. 

Portapull 4000 lb FXP Tripod Kit is priced at $299.00