Cable Tuggers and Pullers
wire pulling solutions for the electrical contractor


Cable Tuggers and Pullers:

An electrical cable puller is a vital tool for any electrician, but is often left to the last minute to purchase, as news of an important upcoming cable pulling requirement is seldom announced much in advance.

Having a cable puller readily available will allow you to win the next job, while your competitors scramble to buy one. Over the past few years cable pulling equipment has evolved from heavy and bulky machines that required lots of manpower (just to unload off a truck bed) to lightweight, efficient and powerful wire pulling devices that require only one person to set up and operate.    


      An exceptional 4000 lb cable puller deal from RectorSeal




                           * 4000 lb pulling capacity     * One person set up           * Safety foot peddle

                                * Two pulling speeds  (80 ft on high 20 feet on low)       * Easy handling  

                               * Universal adaptor   * Head extends to over 10 feet      * 1 year Warranty  



 The RectorSeal 4000 lb Strong Arm puller is the first choice of many electrical contractors.               It is field proven with an outstanding track record of both efficiency and reliability.                           It is a true 4000 lb capacity puller and considered by many to be the best in its class.

 For a limited time I am able to offer this puller at a Promotional price of $1999.00 delivered.     This is a discount rate of $500.00 over what you could expect to pay for this amazing machine.     There are other puller manufacturers for the same money but their capacity is typically 3000 lbs.  

These are stocked at my California store and would ship out in 1 business days of  your order being placed 


Free UPS ground freight to U.S States and no Sales Tax (sorry no AK, HI, PR or International shipping)


            Call me now to reserve yours as I only now have 4 available at this price

                     Steve Davies:  cell 818-970-1702 available daily until 10:00 PM PST 

 I started with 7 Pullers but already have 3 sold,  so please don't miss your opportunity.

        02/20  sold to Palm River Electric,  Sarasota Fl        02/21 sold to C W Electric,  Pittsburgh PA   

      02/22  sold to Lukes Electric, Cascade IA




            Journeyman 3500 lb  Tugger                           FXP-4000 lb Tugger                                    Master 6000 lb Tugger

        Click here for the 3500 lb puller         Click here for the 4000 lb puller                Click here for the 6000 lb puller







Cable Rodders are an important part of any electricians tool kit. "Fishing Wires" beyond the 250 ft hand held fish tape length requires specialized tools. But doesn't have to be expensive, here are two light weight and portable Rodders.


This is a 425 ft 6 mm (0.25 inch) rodder to help reach those extended distances. The bullet tip has a small hole to allow pulling string to be attached. It weighs only 20 lbs, making it portable for any Electrical and Datacomm application. Not a good idea to pull heavy wire through conduits with wires attached to just the "bullet tip" 

425 ft Rodalong  $399.00


The above 850 ft 8 mm (0.31 inch) Rodder has a feeder end with a metal bullet tip with a hole for easy attachment of light weight pulling string,  The pulling string in turn is attached to the cables and pulled back through the pipe by hand. The bullet tips are secured to the yellow rod with epoxy and a crimp. It is strongly recommended that heavy pulling rope or bundled cables not be pulled back through the pipe using the rodder with the cable attached to just the "bullet tip" Hand pulling is best

850 ft Rodalong  $899.00


We stock this product in California, usual shipping time is only 3-4 business days after an order has been received. 


RectorSeal Wire Snaggers

Getting ready for any large cable pull requires a fail safe pulling head, the Rectorseal Wire Snaggers are 21st Century Technology and are machined from high-temperature stainless steel. The 20 piece Wire Snagger set is individually staggered for efficiency. You will save money from day one with these secure wire and cable pulling tools, an innovation worth their weight in Gold !  click on the left menu button to view more details.  



            View the Wire Snagger video, you will be amazed at the speed              Click on the wire snagger page for full details

                    The compete 20 piece set is priced at  $6849.50 


 Please call:  Steve Davies at: cell 818-970-1702 available daily until 10:00 PM PST 

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