Complete Wire Pulling Solutions

We are pleased to present a selection of cable pulling equipment to assist you with your next cable pulling jobs

RectorSeal Wire Snaggers and Maxis Pulling Head Grips are some of the most reliable  cabling tools on the market to assist electrical contractors install heavy wire and cables.



Free Shackle with each Penguin 

RectorSeal Wire Snaggers

With both spring-activated teeth for a stronger grip and a shorter designed body for easier conduit navigation  the wire snaggers use staggered lanyards for a much better tool spacing These innovative tools are considered the best wire pulling devices on the market. They replace the more traditional and less reliable pulling options currently being used by electricians such as wire grips, socks, fingers and knuckles by using modern technology.

Wire Snaggers areh faster, safer and more durable than other  wire pulling options. RectorSeal has combined ingenuity into a  superior American made cabling tool that saves time, money and labor for contractors on  every wire and cable pulling job. 


Maxis Cable Pulling Grips

This cable tugging product is unique with its Dual lock pulling design which uses both a cam lock head and a double braided wire to quickly secure cable to rope without the fear of losing a conductor. A true cabling  first.



RACK-A-TIERS wire pulling heads 

Penguin pullers are designed to enable contractors to pull wires without taping or crimping. It has four slots and an Allen-key screw to attach the puller to the end of a wire. It also has a sleek tapered, bullet-shaped end, This product is designed to pull both aluminum and copper wire through conduits bends.

The Penguin Puller Jr. and Sr. are revolutionary new wire pulling  tools designed to help with the pulling of large electrical cables.  Get this free 4000 lb  rope Shackle with each Penguin puller.

Penguin Puller Jr 2/0 - 4/0 for conduits 2 inches or larger

Part 69705  PRICE $139.00    Call me to Order

Penguin Puller Sr 3/0 - 350 MCM  conduits 2 1/2 or larger

Part 69700 PRICE $149.00     Call me to Order

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When it comes to electrical cable tuggers it is important to have the correct size tugger readily available at a moments notice. Be prepared for your next cabling opportunity while your competitors scramble to find one. So whether you are a small or large electrical contractor or a purchasing agent for a utility company you will find exactly what you need on this website.. 

Here's the selection of the 3K, 6K, 10K cable tuggers from both Current Tools and Maxis Tools for both inside set up and outside job sites. Please view their videos to help you in your selection. 



Current  Tools 3k cable tugger


Maxis Tools 3K  cable  tugger 




Current Tools 6K tugger   



Maxis Tools 6K tugger      


Maxis Tools 10K tugger




Current Tools 10K Tugger     


Current Tools 3000 lb tugger 
  • Integral heavy duty 2 speed motor
  • Mounts to cart for storage and ease of mobility
  • No disassembly to store puller on mobile cart
  • Quick release conduit couplings
  • Tapered Capstan and Integral foot switch
  • Permanently lubricated vent-free gear b
  • cable puller weighs 125 lbs with cart
  • Complete system - no extra parts to purchase
  • Ships via truck line, lift gate by requested

Click here for details on the Current 3000 lb Tugger


Maxis Tools 3000 lb cable tugger

  • One person, 2 minute set up and operate
  • 2 Pulling speeds: 25 fpm on low and 100 fpm on high Quickly adapts from underground to overhead pulls
  • No need to bolt to the ground on most pulls
  • Able to pull up to 8 ft. of wire out of the conduit
  • 3,000 lbs. peak capacity
  • Versatile, can adapt to virtually any wire pull
  • Can be anchored to a truck 2" receiver hitch
  • Ships via truck line, lift gate by request

Click here for details on the Maxis 3000 lb Tugger



Current Tools 6000 lb cable tugger 

Complete system-no extra parts to purchase
Permanently lubricated vent free gear box
Puller may be used on or off the carriage
8' reach when fully extended
Heavy duty 2 speed motor
Built-in foot switch, Flat free tires
Quick release couplings
Storage for all couplings and foot switch
Ships on a truck line, lift gate by request

Click here for details on the Current 6000 lb Tugger


Maxis Tools 6000 lb cable tugger

  • One person, 2 minute setup and easy to operate
  • Adapts from underground to overhead pulls
  • No need to bolt to the ground on most pulls
  • 6,000 lbs. peak capacity
  • Versatile, can adapt to virtually any wire pull
  • Can be anchored to trucks’  2" receiver hitch
  • Able to pull up to 9 ft. of wire out of the conduit
  • Mounts on a pull cart for ease of mobility
  • Ships on a truck line, lift gate by request

Click here to view the Maxis 6000 lb Tugger


Maxis Tools 10000 lb cable tugger

  • 10,000 lbs. peak pulling force 
  • High Capacity: Powerful gear box designed to operate under heavy loads with maximum output
  • Self Contained: Ready to Pull with no need for additional parts or equipment, includes 2-4 inch conduit adaptors
  • Single person set up and operation:
  • Quickly adapts from underground to overhead pull
  • Smooth Elevation Control: operates with handle or 18V cordless drill helping to eliminate any lifting
  • Collapsible down to 40"H x 26"W x 70"L to fit through standard doorways and ease of transport

Click here to view the Maxis 10000 lb Tugger


  • 10,000 lb. pulling capacity                         
  • Built-in force gauge with digital read out 
  • Four wheel carriage for stability and ease of transport
  • 45° horizontal pivot allows use of boom in tight spaces
  • Two speeds allow for fast pulling on low force pulls and increased torque for heavier pulls
  • Boom height adjustment handle allows for easy vertical positioning of boom sections with little effort
  • Snap-in couplings for quick and easy set-up
  • Fits through a 32" doorway 
  • Delivery by truck, lift gate by request

Click here to view the Current 10000 lb Tugger



Installation tools for the Electrical  Industry

Cable Rodders are a useful tool for pulling the heavy cable rope through the conduit. Take a look at our  selection of conduit and duct rodders ranging in size from 300-700 feet. It is not a good idea to attach the heavy pulling rope eye to the bullet tip on the rodder It is better to attach the rope to pull string and pull the rope through the pipe  or conduit by hand. 

Click here for cable rods, rodders and inspection camera


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