DuoPro Tugger

Porta pull 3000/6000 DuoPro Tugger

The electrical industries only dual planetary gear design cable puller, the new 3000/6000 DuoPro delivers up to 6000 pounds of pulling muscle when both power motors are connected in tandem.

The 3000/6000 DuoPro's light weight design allows for easy hand carrying to the jobsite and requires only one person to set up. For the planned or unexpected larger cable pull this tugger instantly converts from a 3000 lb to a 6000 lb tugger by simply and conveniently adding the second power motor.

3 ways to Buy

3000 FXP with 1  module 

3000/6000 FXP with 2  modules 

upgrade power modules 


The Porta Pull 3000/6000 lb DuoPro cable puller is a first of its kind...EVER!

This new puller comes standard with a single power module attached to its sturdy 6000 lb main frame. It instantly convert from a 3000 lb puller to a 6000 lb puller simply by adding the second power unit. As you would expect a safety foot switch and right angle sheave for operator safety is included.


Weight: 60 lbs.
Power: 1 HP 120 VAC/8Amp
Pulling force: 3000 lbs
Pulling Speed No load-19 fpm
Pulling Speed at Load 3,000 lbs-7 fpm
Pulling speed at 6000 lbs: 7 fpm

The Duo-Pro Upgrade Kit super charges your Duo-Pro 3K from 3000 lbs to 6000 lbs instantly by adding the second power module. With the industries only dual planetary gear drive, the reserve 3000 lbs power motor will deliver additional wire pulling muscle to the job with amazing ease when called upon.

* Due to liability issues we can only sell the motor as part of the upgrade program

Pulling Capabilities

  3 x 750  MCM 500 ft with 3 x 90  bends.
  4 x 500  MCM 600 ft with 4 x 90  bends.
16  x 4/0  AWG 300 ft with 3 x 90  bend


A tripod assembly head for the 3000/6000 lb DuoPro puller allowing it to make underground pulls from man holes and Transformer pads. Make your own tripod legs from 1 inch pipe or conduit.  A valuable addition for difficult pulling situations. 

The Tripod kit is priced at $299.00